Clergy Specialization

Pastor – Father – Bishop – Preacher – Minister – Reverend – Clergy – Evangelist – Doctor – Brother – Sister – Missionary

By whatever name you call a licensed or ordained leader of the church, the IRS classifies all as “Clergy”. Most Clergy can no longer file a schedule C to report their income and eductions. Clergy Tax Returns are a very specialized field of Tax Preparation. There are very few people who have the understanding or qualifications to prepare tax returns for clergy.

We have specialized in Churches and Clergy since 1994. Anita has worked with many of the local churches and clergy. We are able to help teach them the ‘legalities’ of the complex tax laws, relating to salaries, housing allowances’, retirement and expenses that are allowed by the IRS.

We are proud to say that we have worked closely with the staff, educations, students and other folks from Appalachian Bible College for many years.

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